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Möhlmann & Teschner Logistik GmbH

Training at our Transport and Logistics Company

Apprenticeship at a transport and logistics company

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Möhlmann & Teschner Logistik GmbH

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Apprenticeship at a transport and logistics company

We train!

We focus on training our future employees. If you are interested, please send your application by e-mail to: Mr. Volker Teschner. We offer training in the following professions:

Apprenticeship in commercial management for forwarding and logistics services (m/f/d)

Job description:

Freight forwarding and logistics services clerks are the architects of transport. They organise the dispatch, handling and storage of goods and sell transport and logistics services.

The areas of responsibility include the classic forwarding activities of advising and organising the transport, handling and storage processes, as well as taking into account the economic, scheduling and organisational aspects.

Duration of the training:

3 years (dual training)


  • Meticulousness (e.g. when preparing transport documents or customs declarations)
  • Thinking commercially (e.g. when calculating offers)
  • Customer orientation (e.g. in individual customer counselling)
  • Negotiating skills and assertiveness (e.g. when negotiating delivery dates and transport conditions)
  • Completion of at least vocational secondary school entrance qualification

Apprenticeship in office communication (m/f/d)

Job description:

The core tasks of an office clerk include organisational and administrative activities.

Office clerks take care of general correspondence and draft documents, prepare data for presentations, draw up accounts, evaluations and statistics.

The job profile is complemented by coordinating appointments, processing incoming and outgoing mail, checking invoices and controlling payment transactions.

Duration of the training:

3 years (dual training)


  • Meticulous and structured work
  • Flexibility (due to the variety of tasks)
  • Good language skills
  • Reliability
  • Completion of at least a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCE)


Your application

Would you like to start an apprenticeship with us and become a permanent member of our team? Send your detailed application by e-mail to Mr. Volker Teschner.

Volker Teschner

Managing Director

Volker Teschner – Möhlmann & Teschner